We Love Teachers!

In appreciation for all that you do, we'd like to offer a little help!


When buying new books for your class, you receive a 20% discount. (in-store pick-up or delivery to school only) We welcome book orders for class sets with or without a purchase order. Contact our School Liaison, Anna Brown, at orders@katybooks.com for price quotes or to place an order.


We also have a used book credit account that has been donated to public-school teachers, for the purchase of used books for the classroom. You may use up to $25.00 in paperback credit or $12.50 in hardcover credit, once a month.  Since the account is funded with donated credit, we recommend that you check on the available balance before shopping.  (Normal handling fees and rules for used book credit apply.)

Be sure to let us know that you're a teacher when you check out.  (School I.D. required)