Our World in Pictures: The Elements Flash Cards (DK Our World in Pictures)

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Learn and memorize Earth's building blocks


Have you ever looked at the Periodic Table and wondered whether you'll ever be able to learn all the major elements? Well you can, and it's never been easier with DK's Periodic Table flash cards. Each colorful card can be used as a quick card and includes a photo of the element in its raw state or in use, and all the facts you need to memorize, such as atomic number and chemical properties.


Whether you're studying for tests or just want to expand your knowledge of science, these flash cards are the handy aids you need to learn just about everything you need to know about Dmitri Mendeleev's groundbreaking Periodic Table. Included is a leaflet showing the whole Periodic Table and how to read it, plus lots of ideas for games to play. Whether you just want to have fun, test your friends, or master one of science's most iconic charts, with these cards you'll be in your element!