Get Off Your Apps Notebook

SKU: 9781616899844

Get Off Your Apps Notebook offers all the convenience of smartphone apps with all the benefits of digital detox. This pocket-size journal is the perfect place to record everything you've been tapping into your phone: podcasts to check out, spending habits, food logs, workout goals, and ideas for your side hustle. Perfectly customizable, Get Off Your Apps Notebook includes four distinct forty-page sections that can transform into any app you want to replace, while helping you avoid addictive phone habits. With a removable jacket and blind stamping on the cover, Get off Your Apps Notebook is a great tool for anyone who wants their existence to be a little less digital and a little more real.

• Compact trim size; fits wherever your phone goes; pocket, purse, jacket.
• Neutral design with a removable jacket, foil stamp on the cover and colored edges.
• Four 40pp sections, each section has a unique design and a distinct two color grid.
• List in the back for what to track: books read, music to listen to, dreams, therapy insights, spending/saving, workouts, food log, ideas for a side hustle.
• Taps into the digital detox trend.