Author Signing: Sally Swanson

Event date: 

Sunday, October 28, 2012 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Event address: 

2450 Fry Rd
77084 Houston

Sally SwansonSally Swanson signs Ghost Sex, the third book in her Ghost Lovers Series.

No woman in Italy knows the dead more intimately than Fara Trotter, especially when the ghost of her lost lover materializes in her bed.  Uncovering layers of deception and buried truths, Fara discovers Guy Carver not only faked his death, he's the benefactor of the infamous Cult of the Dead.  Now she must determine whose ghost she had sex with on that magical moonlit night, and the twisted path leads her into an ancient trap.  She must expose the Cult's dark beginnings to find her way home.
Sally Swanson is an American paranormal fantasy and romance writer best known for her "Soul Desire" trilogy and "Ghost Lovers" series.  Her fascination with the paranormal began as a child after the sudden death of her father, and her interest in ghosts has grown into an adult obsession.  Her works follow strong and intelligent protagonists as they gain in power and deal with the dangerous realities of the paranormal world which resides at the edge of human perception.

Her background in television production provides a realistic foundation for her fictional reality TV series, "Ghost Lovers."  All of her works advocate for women's rights and promotes those ideals through strong, female characters.  Her books take readers to the edge of erotica, and the adult content adds to the characterization and plot.  "Ghost Lovers" is intended for adult audiences.