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Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

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Diane Manning signs Deceitful Lies and Justice Served.


About the author: Diane Manning was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, with family roots in Virginia and Florida. In the late ’90s, Ms. Manning began to see an overwhelming need for substance abuse services, as a result of the drug epidemic ravishing her New York City community.

Ms. Manning enrolled into Marist College, in upstate New York, earning a degree in Mental Health and Substance Abuse counseling. In a Writing II course, the class was challenged to create a short story in any genre. With her love for gory horror movies, one evening, on a snowy wintery night, with the beautiful Catskill Mountains as her backdrop, Ms. Manning birthed the character, Melinda Henderson, a young, vibrant woman, looking to become an investigative reporter.

Ms. Manning's first book, Deceit, Lies and Broken Promises was released in 2008. As with any great writer and on the words of her favorite writer, the late Toni Morrison, “You have to write until you know, you have perfected your skills.”

Ten years later, Ms. Manning revised and retitled her first book to, The Investigations of Reporter Melinda Henderson Deceitful Lies, Volume I and created a series, with the new release of The Investigations of Reporter Melinda Henderson: Justice Served, Volume II. The next in the series, Sold, will be available in 2020.

Between Ms. Manning's dedication in helping people and spreading awareness on the seriousness of Mental Illness and stigmas related to the disorder, Ms. Manning loves spending time with her family, friends, her cat Sheeba, and her rescue dog, Matilda.

Deceitful Lies: The Investigations of Reporter Melinda Henderson Volume I Cover Image
ISBN: 9781075878558
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Published: Independently Published - June 25th, 2019

Melinda Henderson is a young, vibrant African American woman, finding her way in the world. She arrives to New York, from Virginia, to attend college to study journalism. She begins an internship, at a major newspaper company, the Global Newspaper. Her first assignment is to interview a world renown scientist, Dr. Lawrence Jacobs, who's leading the way in medical advancements. Instead of a routine interview, Melinda finds herself in the midst of an international medical scheme, when Scientist, Dr. Karen Johnson, becomes a whistle-blower, and seeks Melinda's help. She tells Melinda, how she may have stumbled on secret research Jacobs is involved with. She also suspects the illegal use of medical treatments on children, she believes are being held against there well. Before Melinda can meet with Karen again, Melinda becomes taunted by an intruder in her apartment. She discovers, her whistle-blower is murdered, another of Dr. Jacobs' assistance vanishes and Melinda is kidnapped by the least person she expects, creating the ultimate betrayal.

"Travel along with me, as I unravel this mystery and discover the truth behind, Deceitful Lies." Melinda Henderson

Justice Served Cover Image
ISBN: 9781087284064
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Published: Independently Published - August 4th, 2019

Investigative Reporter, Melinda Henderson, returns in this suspenseful, intensifying mystery novel. A continue chronicle to, DECEITFUL LIES. An International hunt has begun, for fugitive Dr. Julia Barnes, noted scientist, and the FBI's first woman scientist wanted for her involvement in the gruesome murders, of Dr. Karen Johnson, and children under her care.Melinda learns through her informant, Barnes has returned to New York, looking to kill her. Melinda join forces with FBI's, bad boy Detective Darius Tillman, a Behavioral Analysis Specialist, who's built his career on breaking the rules and taking risks, in catching serial killers. The two join forces, working to find Dr. Barnes, as a burial site has been discovered on Long Island. As Melinda tries to maintain her sanity, she finds herself caught up in a deadly twist, when an unknown enemy befriends her. And just when she thinks, she is in the clear, Melinda discovers, she has to make one of the hardest decisions of her young life.Will she survive? Will Melinda finally get, Justice Served? Who will be the one, to risk their lives to save her? Find out where it all begins in, Deceitful Lies.

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