Used Book Credit Policy

Bring in your used books and receive credit to be used towards the purchase of other used books. It's a great way to support heavy book reading habits for a lot less cash!



KBB DOES NOT PAY CASH FOR BOOKS. The credit you receive will be kept on file and does not ever expire.

While we accept a wide variety of books, we do reserve the right to refuse any book brought in for credit. The reasons for refusal may include age, condition, and/or number of copies already in our inventory. Library discards and most book club editions are not accepted. Some books that are not acceptable for our regular inventory may be acceptable as sale books at 50 and 25 cents. Your credit will be one-half the sale price (25 or 12 cents) for these books. You must let us know when you bring in your books whether or not you wish to have refused titles returned to you. Books refused must be picked up before leaving the store.


***Our credit policy is based on a two for one principle by price. For example, if you bring in two books of a certain value, you can trade for one of our used books of the same value paying only the handling charge and sales tax.

***Each time you use any of your credit you will pay a handling charge and sales tax in cash. The handling charge is 10% of the amount of credit that you use.

***Credit Never Applies to New Merchandise


PAPERBACK BOOKS - the original U.S. printed cover price of your paperbacks is totaled and then divided in half. This credit balance is then applied to the printed cover price of our paperbacks. Paperback credit cannot be applied to hardcover books, audiobooks, and certain paperback books marked "Collectible".

HARDCOVER BOOKS - we price at the price we hope to sell them and you receive half that amount in credit. We generally price hardcover books at $1.00 - $8.00. Hardcover credit may be applied to our price marked inside each hardcover book. Hardcover credit may also be used on paperback books if you wish. It may not be used to purchase audiobooks and certain books marked "Collectible". NOTE: hardcover books must be researched and priced individually, please allow at least 1-2 days for your hardcover credit to be processed and added to your account.

AUDIO BOOKS - the original U.S. cover price of your audio books is totaled and then divided in half. This credit balance is then applied to the printed cover price of our used audio books. Audio credit may also be used on paperback books. (Except "Collectible" books)


SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY/MANGA - if you want to take out this type of book using credit, you must bring in science fiction or fantasy books. The credit is calculated as described above.

SERIES ROMANCE- credit received for these books can only be used for more series romances.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRINT YOUR FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, AND PHONE NUMBER ON EACH BAG OR BOX OF BOOKS YOU BRING IN FOR CREDIT. You may bring up to 3 grocery bags or 2 files boxes per day. For a larger container, the limit is 1.

We believe you will find trading books to be a great way to turn those books on your shelf into exciting new reading material. What a deal!