Connect with Other Booklovers

Looking for a Reading Group? Take your pick of these. All groups are looking for new members. The meetings are held here at the store. 

See the Events Calendar for details.


*Book Clubs' current month's selections receive a 20% discount.



  • Antiracism Book Club- 8:00 PM (CST).  We will read and discuss books about racism, social justice, and unconscious bias, in order to give our community of readers a space to talk about hard issues with a new book each month as a guide.
  • Mystery Matters- 7:00 PM (CST).  A group for mystery and suspense readers, that meets the first Thursday of the month. 
  • Cabernet Cozy Society Book Club- 7:00 PM (CST).  A group for cozy mystery readers, that meets the third Thursday of the month. 
  • Tickle My Fantasy Book Club- 7:00 PM (CST).  Reads...well...fantasy books, and meets the third Tuesday of every month.
  • Droughtlander Book Club- 8:00 PM (CST). An opportunity for Outlander fans from wherever to get their fill of Outlander discussion in between seasons of the TV series, while also reading or rereading the book series. We're reading one book a month and meeting by Zoom on the third Thursday to discuss.  



Not sure which one suits you?  You're welcome to drop in and observe without reading the book ahead of time.