Never Less: We all need a safety net, but need a true friend even more (Paperback)

Never Less: We all need a safety net, but need a true friend even more By Geoffrey Wells Cover Image
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Never Less is a timely and empowering story to help middle graders and their parents learn about the complexities of the opioid crisis in an adventurous, relatable, and safe way. Young readers will see how they can solve tough grown-up problems by relying on their true friends more and more . . . never less.

The day two 12-year-olds stumble across a secret tunnel is the day they start to save their dads. Pablo is a Dreamer kid whose father is one step away from deportation. When self-assured Mindy asks Pablo to help her distract her dad from the grip of opioid addiction, Pablo realizes Mindy's family is keeping a dangerous secret. She too, has a father to save.

The old farmer who mentors them warns them away from the derelict mill and tunnel used during Prohibition but is now being used to smuggle pills into the community. Will the two fearless 12-year-olds risk their families and future in their attempt to sabotage the flow of street drugs?

This cross-generational novel about addiction, loyalty and an undying friendship is suitable for the whole family to be read by both young, and young at heart, and will keep all readers turning the pages.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986383613
Publisher: Ice Wine Book
Publication Date: October 31st, 2022
Pages: 204
Language: English