Paths: World of Adia: A War Drum of Death (Paperback)

Paths: World of Adia: A War Drum of Death By Sean Fallon Cover Image
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As foretold by myths, the First Abyssal War was only the beginning of the many great wars to come, and conflict would soon be seen again in the world of Adia. Signs could be seen throughout the continent of Mavayadan as Humans were banned from Nethandre Star Kingdom and people were attacked in their towns and villages as they slept. Conflict brews among the people of Adia as rumors begin to circulate that Demons have entered the world and that the myths once told to children to keep them out of trouble are now coming true.

If these rumors are in fact true, there is only one thing that can stop them, and that is DEATH.

Join the Heroes of Adia as they travel through dangerous adventures to find out the truth behind these rumors and myths. Only time will tell their fate, and whether or not Adia is safe.

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ISBN: 9781988931012
ISBN-10: 1988931010
Publisher: Tychis Media
Publication Date: October 29th, 2018
Pages: 102
Language: English