Silence in the Shadows (Paperback)

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USA Today bestseller and rising queen of atmospheric horror Darcy Coates returns with the fourth book in her haunting winter horror series. There's no safety in the stillness...

This riveting Black Winter series is: For fans of V.C. Andrews and Stephen KingFor lovers of horror and paranormal thrillersFull of heart-pounding horror mysteries

The stark world continues to change. Each passing day twists it further, pushing the survivors closer to the brink of extinction. But, for the first time, there is hope.

Clare and Dorran have set their sights on returning home to Winterbourne Hall. It's a daunting journey, but vital. Humanity needs more refuges--safe areas where food can be grown without attracting the attention of the hollow ones--and the old gothic manor is their best bet.

But their home is no longer a sanctuary. It's become a trap: carefully crafted for them, lying in wait for their return. By the time they realize just how dangerous Winterbourne has become, it's already too late.

The fight for survival is far from over.

Black Winter Series:
Voices in the Snow (Book 1)
Secrets in the Dark (Book 2)
Whispers in the Mist (Book 3)
Silence in the Shadows (Book 4)

More occult horror by Darcy Coates:
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The Haunting of Blackwood House
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ISBN: 9781728220215
ISBN-10: 1728220211
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Publication Date: October 6th, 2020
Pages: 400
Language: English