Grateful Together: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Their Parents (Paperback)

Grateful Together: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Their Parents Cover Image
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Writing together brings you closer together--for adults and kids ages 7 to 10

It isn't always easy for kids and parents to talk. This shared, back-and-forth journal inspires communication and gratitude, doing surprising and wonderful things to strengthen the bond between any child and their caregiver.

It's a colorful, guided journal experience that keeps parents and children connecting about both the big and little things. Take turns filling out questions and lists of what you're thankful for and get creative with free spaces to write or draw. When you've practiced thinking about what's most important between you, gratitude and closeness come easily.

This journal helps both of you build gratitude with:

  • Just the beginningThis gratitude journal is your guide to positive communication habits that can last a lifetime.
  • Your journal, your rulesDecide together how often you'd like to write in this journal, and how you're going to pass it back and forth.
  • Surprises on every pageThere's a wide range of activities and prompts that don't repeat, so each entry reveals something different.

Grow together by writing with gratitudeand each otherin mind.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781641529778
ISBN-10: 1641529776
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: October 15th, 2019
Pages: 140
Language: English