Plant Coach: The Beginner's Guide to Caring for Plants and the Planet (Paperback)

Plant Coach: The Beginner's Guide to Caring for Plants and the Planet By Nick Cutsumpas Cover Image
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Urban gardener, plantrepreneur, and star of Netflix’s Instant Dream Home “Farmer Nick” Nick Cutsumpas combines sustainability, science, and philosophy to coach new plant owners on how to find the right houseplants for their space and help them thrive.
Despite the abundance of resources on caring for houseplants, many people continue to struggle with their plant care or don’t even know where to begin on the journey to plant parenthood. An increasing number of young urbanites are filling their apartments with plants, only to realize that they don’t know what it takes to care for them long term. That’s because knowledge isn’t enough, and most people need a shift in plant perspective before they can start changing their behavior—houseplants are nature, not just furniture. This is why most people need a coach, someone to encourage them, give them the right game plan, and help them achieve their houseplant potential. Enter Nick Cutsumpas—plant coach, urban gardener, and Netflix personality—whose mission is to give people the knowledge and confidence they need to create their own green spaces.
Plant Coach is his comprehensive guide for the everyday plant owner who wants to alleviate the stress of plant ownership while doing the best for their plants and the planet. Cutsumpas reframes what it means to be a plant parent by viewing the home as an ecosystem, introducing unconventional and sustainable plant tactics that go beyond the basic requirements of water and sunlight. Just as he does for his clients, Cutsumpas shares project ideas and coaches new plant owners on how to select and care for plants that are right for their space and lifestyle with deep insight and lighthearted fun. At the same time, he inspires readers to care for the planet, using houseplants as a stepping stone toward sustainability and environmental action.
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About the Author

Nick Cutsumpas is a full-time plant coach, urban farmer, and landscaper with clients in New York and Los Angeles. He has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Business Insider, Washington Post, Food Network, Goop, and the New York Post. He also appeared on the Netflix Original series The Big Flower Fight and Instant Dream Home. He lives in Los Angeles.

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ISBN: 9781419758638
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Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English