More Beginner Workouts: The Next Step: Training at Home with Basic Equipment (Paperback)

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If you're looking for simple and effective workouts to take your fitness to another level, then you need this book Take your workouts up a notch and watch yourself get stronger and fitter, right in the privacy of your own home. Escape the crowded, boring "Globogym" and pocket those gym fees as you train your way to better health and fitness on your own schedule, not the gym's. -Simple and easy instructions for you to follow -No more long, boring training sessions -Short, efficient workouts that really get results -Clear, sequential pictures of each exercise -Exclusive links to video demonstrations This book expands on the concepts from Short Home Workouts: Book 1 of the Jade Mountain Workout Series, and gives you more challenging exercises and detailed instructions on how to do them correctly and safely. In addition, you'll find more easy-to-follow workouts that can help you lose weight and gain strength without ever setting foot in a gym. Included are links to videos demonstrating the movements: it's like you have your own personal trainer to show you how Grab this book and you can be healthier, fitter, and stronger than ever before If you're like most of us, you'll love how easy it can be to exercise at home, without the extra time and bother of making your way to the dreaded gym. This book gives you step-by-step workouts that take the guesswork out of working out. You can do've got this Don't wait another second, just open this book and get strong, fit, and confident.

About the Author

Sifu Whit McClendon was born on October 31, 1969 in Freeport, Tx. He grew up in Angleton Texas and was active in martial arts, track and field, and playing the clarinet in band. After working in the petrochemical field as a CAD drafter for many years, Whit finally realized his life's dream of becoming a full-time martial arts instructor. He now lives with his family in Katy, Texas, plays lacrosse as often as possible, and runs Jade Mountain Martial Arts. He is also an author of fantasy novels, which can be found at http: // Whit has intensively studied Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Taiji, Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 1982. He has been a CrossFit Lvl 1 certified Coach, a level 2 Kettlebell instructor, and is well-versed in the techniques and applications of cardio & resistance training. He is a CrossFit Games competitor, a 2 time National AAU Shuai Jiao silver medalist, a Tough Mudder enthusiast, lacrosse player, and a 4 time Houston Half-Marathon Finisher.

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ISBN: 9780692078082
ISBN-10: 0692078088
Publisher: Rolling Scroll Publishing
Publication Date: February 21st, 2018
Pages: 56
Language: English